Simple and beautiful

Ubuntu Phone includes all the smartphone essentials, crafted with breathtaking attention to detail. From edges that enable you to navigate faster to details like the striking clock face, nothing has been overlooked in the quest for mobile perfection.

Elegant and innovative

The intuitive user interface allows you to access all of your phones features by swiping from the edges of the screen to access your apps, tools and settings all with one hand and no on-screen buttons.

Meet the side-stage

Our side-stage allows you to make the most of your tablets screen-size. Run two applications side-by-side to take notes while browsing the web or look something up while in a video call!


When two applications next to each other are not enough, you can switch to window-mode to unleash the full potential of your applications. You can even add a mouse and keyboard and connect your device to an external monitor!

Elegant and innovative

  1. Top edge swipe reveals the indicator menu that contains settings and notifications when swiping down.
  2. Short left edge swipe reveals favorited and frequently used apps from the launcher menu.
  3. Long left edge swipe takes you back to the app screen (shows all the installed apps) when you are inside an application.
  4. Short right edge swipe reveals the previous app used.
  5. Long right edge swipe reveals an app stack to show all the apps that are currently open; like a stack of cards.