Community Connections

Maintaining a healthy UBports Community

What we do

We connect like-minded people together in the parts of the project that excite, pushing us forward. We also make decisions on what is best for the overall health and growth of the community.

We manage community platforms like Matrix- and Telegram-Groups, and in general helping users feel welcome. And make sure that new members find potential tasks to work on. 

What we are working on

We are onboarding newcomers, helping people to fit in, building focus groups (ie. by language, by software project, by specific interest), networking with people in related free software projects and growing in project knowledge to better understand community needs.

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Leading Members

  • Dalton Durst

  • Wayne Taylor

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How can you help

We need people who really value human connections and its power to propel the non-human parts forward (like software) as the success of the 'brand experience' we have at UBports is really a 'people experience'. Do you enjoy chatting with people at social gatherings? Then this is probably where you will fit in well!

How we work

We keep ourselves present and helpful in various groups and contexts and report back to each other from time to time for advice, encouragement, brainstorming and more. If we see an opportunity to connect a dot - we connect it!

Where to find  us

Everywhere! If you see someone who appears to be interested in a topic you recognize or know someone who knows, get them in contact with one another .

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