Internal and external communication to increase awareness

What we do

We are there to make Ubuntu Touch and UBports more and more popular by making us visible within and outside UBports. Improving brand knowledge and spreading enthusiasm are some of our key-responsibilities. A small selection out of the width spread activities: gaining free publicity, PR, web development, content creation, launching marketing campaigns, Social Media, audio casts & News Desks. All these activities have their role in creating Buzz around UBports and so Ubuntu Touch.

What we are working on

The Blog, Audiocasts, news release, news channels and social media are only a few of the amazing adventures you can expect in the outreach team.

  • As much Buzz around our foundation as possible

  • Successful branding (UBports and Ubuntu Touch)

  • Spreading interesting and exciting content

  • Recruitment of new UBports Foundation members

  • Gaining more donations

  • Free Publicity (magazine articles, interviews, links, recommendations, etc.)

  • Brand knowledge

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Leading Members

  • Dalton Durst

  • Joe Liau

  • Ricardo Mendoza

  • Wayne Taylor

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How can you help

We love content. Do you write, film, draw, or speak? We want you!

  • Audio editing: cleaning up Audiocasts and other recordings. Upload Q&A audio

  • Video filming/editing: making sharable clips

  • Graphics: designing "Yumi" images and other clip art for blog posts

  • Website: editing static web pages, and re-organizing content

  • Infographics: Anything Ubuntu Touch related

How we work

We coordinate social media, blog, and news channels by communicating in our chat groups in real time. 

Larger projects are discussed with focus groups.

Where to find

Ask around on Telegram or Matrix and we will get you connected.

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