Design, Style & Corporate Identity

For consistent & recognisable communication.

Why Use These Guidelines

In every occasion it must be totally clear who we are. It shouldn’t matter where and how we communicate. To reach this goal we need consistency. The logo has to be the same in all our communication, use of colours must be standardised, receivers have to be able to recognise our font-style and corporate identity.

Brand Assets

UBports uses multiple logo's, brand names, colours and a clear font style.  We also have some guidelines about usable pictures

This is the logo to use for general communication about the community.

Ubuntu Touch
UBports is working on the Ubuntu Touch OS. When there is information about the OS provided, you will find this logo as well. It consists of the Ubuntu logo, with touch added.

January 23th 2017 Yumi came to life. Since than Yumi has been spotted in several locations and events within our community. In this process Yumi evolved into the mascot of the UBports Community. Nowadays Yumi found its place in the community and is used as our installation logo. When its about installation of Ubuntu Touch, this is the logo to use. Besides that it is used for visability between the apps on phones. It's very recognisable. And Yumi is there with us during every event.

The Core & Neutral colours


Ubuntu orange

Screen: HEX #E95420

Print: C0 M79 Y100 K0 (Pantone 1665)




Print: C0 M0 Y0 K0


Slide title

Slide Description

My great button


Screen: HEX #000000

Print: C0 M0 Y0 K100


Slide title

Slide Description

My great button

Warm grey

Screen: HEX #AEA79F

Print: C0 M5 Y10 K29 (Pantone Warm Grey 5) 


Slide title

Slide Description

My great button

Cool grey

Screen: HEX #333333

Print: C44 M34 Y22 K78 (Pantone Cool Grey 11)


Ubuntu Font Family, for some more specifications go to ' '


Use of pictures

Great stories have personality. Consider telling a great story that provides personality. Writing a story with personality for potential clients will assists with making a relationship connection. This shows up in small quirks like word choices or phrases. Write from your point of view, not from someone else's experience.

Great stories are for everyone even when only written for just one person. If you try to write with a wide general audience in mind, your story will ring false and be bland. No one will be interested. Write for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.