Sorting technical issues for faster response

What we do

We are responsible for the initial triaging of reported issues (bugs and feature requests). We check bug reports to make sure that they have all the information we need, then determine their severity and notify the people who can fix them. We also decide if feature requests should be implemented assign a developer or ask a community developer.

What we are working on

We continuously watch watch for new requests on GitHub and GitLab

Together with the developers we decide on the priorities. Which bug should be fixed first, which feature is needed the most. 

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Leading Members

  • Dalton Durst

  • Florian Leeber

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How can you help

Triage is the first step to learning about software development with us. By watching requests from their creation to their closing, you'll learn more about the Ubuntu Touch system. Anyone can help!

How we work

We comment on new requests to ask for more information or assign labels to denote the request's type.

Where to find us

Contact us on Telegram or Matrix, or start commenting on requests at GitHub and GitLab to ask for more information if needed.

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