Your phone is not just a phone, it can do everything a traditional computer can. And since it's Ubuntu, you can even run the same software you use on your desktop or laptop. If you need a bigger screen, you can simply connect your device to a monitor or TV, and it will expand into a windowed desktop, where you can be just as productive as on a traditional PC.

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We're working towards improved support for X11 and Wayland, so you can have traditional GNU/Linux apps like LibreOffice, Firefox and Gimp always in your pocket. In the future, new cross-platform packaging formats like snap will provide seamless integration.  

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Please note that convergence-mode and X11-support are experimental features that can not yet fully replace your computer!

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Unleash your Productivity

Imagine linking your phone or tablet to a monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and have it instantly transformed into a desktop experience. This means exactly the same operating system and applications will run on phones, tablets and desktops, So, converge on the go !


Native Ubuntu Touch applications are responsive and adapt to every screen -size. Be it a phone, a tablet or a wide-screen monitor, every app will look great!  Convergence breaks down the last barrier between form factors.

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