OpenStore Poll Results

Thanks for your participation!

We'd like to start with a shout out to all 279 participants. 
Your input was very much appreciated and we are excited to present some clear results from the poll.

The survey included only one question ...

"Which apps do you want to see in the OpenStore?"

Participants had the oportunity to select those apps they would like to see transfered from the old Canonical Ubuntu Store to the OpenStore since it will be closed by the end of the year. In this survey there was a list presented of the top-listed apps in the Ubuntu Store which aren't in the OpenStore yet and there was also an opportunity to request other apps which were not in the list. 



 The next graph visually presents the main results of the poll.

This provides us the following ranking:


Besides these results many participants submitted other requests.
Interested in those? Please take a look at this document containing raw survey results:


1) Many web apps are reqested in comments
2) Dekko 2 isn't good enough yet
3) Whatsapp is very popular (social / communication apps overall are)
4) Try to make more functional apps available


1) Respondents want more productivity tools 
2) Respondents feel some value in the most iconic games for GNU/Linux
3) The participants still like the first games ever released on Ubuntu Touch. Apparantly these are still part of the Ubuntu Touch culture
4) They miss web apps