By documenting our every move, we are able
to continuously grow

What we do

We create and update technical and prose reference guides for working with (or on) Ubuntu Touch and its components. We keep track of what is needed where and help out in generating readme files and other documents. Our purpose is to enable a new member of the community to go through the on-boarding process as fast and as efficient as possible.

What we are working on

Below are examples of assigned tasks that our group is working on:

  • User Documentation: Generating tutorials on how to work with Ubuntu Touch OS

  • Developer Documentation: How to create applications for the OpenStore, system component and how to access system interfaces in a programmatic way.

  • Process Documentation: How does UBports collaborate, what are standard processes to go through.

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Leading Members

  • Dalton Durst

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How can you help

A project is only as good as its documentation. We always need better documentation from Users how to's to clearer code documentation. You can help to keep track of what is needed where and help out in writing. 

We are looking for people who can contribute to our documentation and readme files, help with phasing out, and refining all the documentation on

If you think that you can help with this group, then reach out to us on Telegram.

How we work

We track most projects and tasks at our UBports GitHub.

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