Making sure that things work

What we do

We ensure that every release of Ubuntu Touch is better than the last. We are all about testing Ubuntu Touch. What is working on which device, what change in the system introduced this problem or that bug, how can issues be reproduced. Our goal is to make sure ever stable release is better than the last one and includes only new features and bug fixes, rather than introducing new problems. Common tasks include validation-, integration- and user-testing, as well as managing the GitHub issue trackers.

What we are working on

We make sure that things are running smoothly. Preparing new and updated apps for release to the public.

  • High quality of the all UBports software products

  • Supporting the community finding and reproducing bugs

  • Helping with the communication between users and developers

  • Maintaining the change logs

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Leading Members

  • Florian Leeber

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How can you help

We always need help with thorough testing of pre-releases of apps and bug reporting. 

We have documentation available to aid getting started with testing.

Note: you mainly work on the devel- and rc-channels of Ubuntu Touch, so a dedicated testing device is a big plus. You can of course use your daily driver device, but remember: If you're using devel you're on the bleeding edge, so expect to see blood from time to time.

How we work

We look through and confirm bug reports on github/gitlab, and report new findings. We install and test new app versions, and maintain a dialogue in the chat room. Check out the documentation to learn about how we work and how you can get involved. You can also read the issue tracking and bug reporting guides to better understand the workflow.

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