We are building privacy and freedom focussed mobile software

With the support of the UBports community.


volunteers worldwide working together to achieve our mission

We want you to be free

With Ubuntu Touch, we offer a truly unique mobile experience - a viable alternative to Android and iOS. We provide a free and open-source GNU/Linux-based mobile operating system. One that can be installed and used today.  


For everyone

Freedom means being unrestricted. That's why Ubuntu Touch comes with a nice set of apps pre-installed. The user interface is designed with perfect usability in mind and its intuitive controls makes everyone instantly feel at home.


Designed to last  

   Ubuntu Touch runs the same operating system on every phone. Your phone will continue to receive software updates for many years to come.

Community based software development

Ubuntu  Touch is developed by the community of users. The system is developed with the sole purpose of providing the best and most secure user experience. In comparison to traditional systems, where these concerns are balanced against profit.


Fully transparent operating system

Developed as an open source project, Ubuntu Touch contains no hidden nuts and bolts. Your data are kept exactly where you want it to be: on your own device, and nowhere else. Unless you explicitly ask for it.



   Ubuntu Touch is designed primarily for mobile devices. However, imagine connecting your mobile device to a monitor, mouse and keyboard and having it instantly transformed into a desktop experience. This is the goal of Convergence, an experimental feature for a unified experience on all devices.