VoLTE Developer

Berlin, Germany

As you maybe know, some countries are switching off old networks in favour of the VoLTE protocol. And we are currently developing support for VoLTE for Ubuntu Touch. But, we need help!. We need people willing to work low-level on their device and work together with our VoLTE development team. So, We are looking for people with a particular skill set.

Well, actually it is in two different areas (that don't need to overlap within the same person). So if you can do one, that would already make us very happy!

We need help getting doubango to work with the commercial IMS core. To be able to do this it would help if you have:

                          Familiarity / experience with the following protocols/systems:
                                • VoIP telephony using SIP/RTP
                          • IPsec/ESP (IKE not required), particularly on Linux
                          • Optionally: knowledge of 3GPP IMS
                          Need of the following skills:
                          • Experience in system-level C programming on Linux
                          • Ability to dive into existing, not well documented code base (doubango in this case)
                          And for the work on the Volla phone side integration:
                          • Familiar with system-level Android development/debugging
                          • Familiar with Android RIL and Android telephony APIs 
                          • Optionally, familiar with 3GPP TS 07.10 multiplexing 
                          • Some experience in reverse engineering baseband/modem interfaces 
                          So, if any of these terms are familiar to you, please step up to the plate and become an Ubuntu Touch hero! Apply below and become part of the VoLTE development team. 

                          If you are unsure, soon we will organize a webinar where mr open source protocol stack Harald Welte (of Osmocom fame) will do a talk on VoLTE for us. Stay tuned for the date!